Switzerland based Venture

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Description studienaktie.org is an association serving the public good with the mission of facilitating education. It fulfills its mission by sparking appetite for education, coaching people in developing their own individual concept for life and providing financial support for educational projects by winning private individuals as educational investors. This way studienaktie.org encourages people to go their own individual way and to take ownership of their future. To be able to scale the model of profit-related private loans (impact investments for everyone) and also to implement additional business segments (talent development for companies, outsourcing services for governmental institutions and for foundations that provide student’s funds) studienaktie.org’s management team is going to found a limited company (Swiss AG) oriented towards the public good. In 2013, the new corporation will take over the operational processes of studienaktie.org and lead them to faster growth. Impact investors are invited to participate in the foundation of the new corporation.
Country Of origin Switzerland
Funding Sector Impact Investment
Colloboration Type Strategic partnerships