India based Venture

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Description We are setting up a nationwide chain of family medicine centers based on a hub-and-spoke model to deliver high-quality and high-impact healthcare. We aim to establish primary healthcare services in India that is accessible and affordable to all. Our ambition is predicated on the desire to bring clinically smart models that are viable in the Indian context, creating lasting infrastructure in the Indian public health economy and justify the investment. This is a business with a social intent. The company aims to serve the Indian population through various formats of a hub and spoke model for family medicine and homecare delivery. We are establishing comprehensive family medical centers (Hubs) with high capacity in key urban areas and reach out to the surrounding poorly served populations through lower capacity satellite ‘Doctor in a Box’ (DIB) healthcare units. Our target is to treat 2 million patients over next five years, of which 70% will belong to the lower-middle class.The company aims to be a pioneer in setting global standards in health care delivery 0 it is founded by a team of highly qualified and experienced medical practitioners who have successfully set up and run familly medical centers and GP practices in the UK. It will invest significantly in talent acqusition and training, creating accredited and respected career pathways.
Country Of origin India
Funding Sector Impact Investment
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