Peru based Venture

Deals D000227
Description Water is a scarce resource and requires adequate handling during its entire cycle. ‎Necessary to improve water management is that users understand the water cycle and ‎identify actions that can secure water provision and quality. ‎ With this game we expect that water users become familiar with key concepts and issues ‎related to water, its cycle and management as well as in the negotiation process among ‎stakeholders.‎ ‎“Cuando el río suena” is a strategic virtual game oriented to young people (18 to 25 ‎years), who are familiar with online social media and mobile devices. The game takes ‎place in an Andean basin with a specific numbers of families, with productive and ‎extractives activities and with a Water National Authority involved as the governing ‎body. ‎ A player assumes a random role among the following options: inhabitant, farmer, miner ‎or water government. According to the role, the player's objective will be to: develop ‎different activities to raise awareness; change habits; improve technology; to follow the ‎restriction or/and to improve the best way to distribute water. There are three moments to ‎do that: water distribution, conservation, and wellbeing. ‎
Country Of origin Peru
Funding Sector Impact Investment
Colloboration Type Lead investor / manager