Denmark based Venture

Deals D000223
Description Through 50 Climate Change Adaptation Farmer Field Schools in Vietnam the 1.500 poor farmers of ‎ethnic origin (H'mong, Thai and Muong) in the mountanious areas of Hoa Bin and Son ‎La, will be able to reduce the risk in the maize production and also be able to ‎increase yield by 25%. The participants of the CC FFS will further to their agronomic ‎skills also aquire skills on how to collaborate and to use such collaboration. This is the ‎basis for the establishment of the water users association. ‎ After being trained the participants will be supported in establishing the 35 water user ‎associations with the purpose to manage the local water resources in their area, ensuring ‎that the resources will be shared or made available for everyone.‎ The training will take place through Farmer Field schools and will focus on normal maize ‎cultivation on sloping land along with cultivation under extreme climatic conditions, such ‎as drought and excessive rainfall. For climate change adaptation, training on stress ‎tolerant varieties, shortening of the cultivation periods, irrigation opportunities and ‎cultivation practices e.g. tied-ridges will be included.‎
Country Of origin Denmark
Funding Sector Impact Investment
Colloboration Type Lead investor / manager