Israel based Venture

Deals D000077
Description The visually impaired currently rely on outdated and expensive technology to perform daily tasks. They use an array of specially built devices including book-readers priced above $500, color readers priced around $300, navigation tools priced around $700, etc. Company integrates advanced mobile-communications services together with many capabilities offered by specially built tools in a single, portable, hand-held device. Company has developed a revolutionary user interface (UI) designed to assist the visually impaired and their families. RAY leverages latest mobile technologies to increase independence, enrich social life, and improve accessibility of essential services. The product is based on a cost-effective, off the shelf smartphone that runs this company’s UI. The innovative UI defines a new language for human-machine interaction, one optimized for eye-free operation. It also supports a rich set of utilities and online services including telephony, messaging, navigation, text-to-speech, object recognition, social network services, remote assistance, camera, and entertainment services. The UI is built on top of an industry-standard smartphone, ensuring a seamless continuity into next-generation technologies. The device serves as a platform for use in vertical markets and provides an open interface and API, allowing 3rd parties to develop additional applications and services.
Country Of origin Israel
Funding Sector Impact Investment
Colloboration Type