Philippines based Venture

Deals D000012
Description The project seeks to address the problem of (1) lack of decent business opportunities for returning Overseas Filipino Workers (OFWs) and/or their families; (2) viable rice distribution system that assures the consuming public fairly priced rice; (3) eliminates unfair practices of middlemen traders that adulterate high quality rice and mix it with low quality rice then demand a high price for it; (4) offers better price to the farmers for their rice. Also, thru franchising the business also wishes to open up 7,000 outlets in 5-7 years and create 21,000 direct employment opportunities and another 3 indirect employment. The business model will directly buy the rice from the farmers at better price and then distribute the same to the public thru the franchise outlets owned and operated by OFWs. In the Philippines it is common that returning OFWs after working for many years overseas end up unemployed. After sometime, all the fortune they accumulate while abroad are spent without any other alternative source of livelihood. The man behind the business is himself an OFW.
Country Of origin Philippines
Funding Sector Impact Investment
Colloboration Type