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Description The goal of the Company project is to continue and expand its human resource development programme for community ophthalmologists and mid-level eye care. The training programmes have been designed in cooperation with PICO (Pakistan Institute for Community Ophthalmology) who is currently one of the major providers of training for Mid-Level Eye Care Professionals (MLECP) in accordance with the strategies of VISION2020 in order to provide trained human resources in the field of eye care and strengthen the district-based Comprehensive Eye Care Programme for a defined population of ½ to one million people. Persons trained at PICO shall be able to facilitate and create awareness among policy makers, professionals, government officials and other eye care providers to make eye care available, accessible, acceptable and affordable. They shall be able to treat more patients and to offer better treatment quality, initiate primary eye health care, integrate primary eye health care into primary health system, offer primary eye health care on community level, cover the need for refraction services on community level, among others. Training of Ophthalmic Personnel - 2-year postgraduate course for ophthalmologists in Community Eye Health (MPH) - 4-year undergraduate course for Mid-Level Eye Care Personnel (BSc Vision Sciences) - 2-year diploma course for Ophthalmic Technicians - 1-year Ophthalmic Nursing Course for qualified nurses - Refresher trainings in Community Eye Care for ophthalmologists and Mid-Level Eye Care Staff - Follow-up of and lobbying for the deployment of eye care personnel in Government Health Services with focus on underserved districts of KPK Province Development results and outcome - 20 ophthalmologists trained in Community Eye Health (2-years MPH course) - 40 candidates concluded Mid-Level Eye Care training (4-years course in BSc Vision Sciences) - 20 candidates concluded Ophthalmic Technician training (2-years diploma course) - 10 nurses trained as Ophthalmic Nurses (1-year course) - 80 Ophthalmologists participated in orientation short courses on Community Eye Health - 80 Ophthalmic Technicians participated in Refresher Courses - Increase of qualified eye care staff deployed in underserved districts of KPK Province Background Pakistan is a developing country with a total population of about 173 million people, living in the five provinces Punjab, Khyber Pakhtunkhwa, Sindh, Baluchistan and Gilgit-Baltistan, besides the self-governing state of Azad Kashmir. Pakistan’s HDI rank is 125. The provision of eye care is underdeveloped in Pakistan; below district level almost no eye care services are available. The services provided on district level are on low standard as regards quality and quantity (with a few exceptions). There is a deficiency of properly trained eye care personnel and ophthalmologists who can help in the planning, implementation and monitoring of National and Provincial Plans for Prevention of Blindness. Budget 2013-2014 The total budget for all planned activities in 2013 and 2014 is € 87.800. Reporting/ Monitoring Reports are issued two times per year. Grantee/ Project Leadership Company - Christoffel Development Cooperation is dedicated to ensuring the rights of persons with disabilities in developing countries, without discrimination of gender, ethnicity, social group or religion. The contact person at Company is Dr. Klaus Minihuber: Telephone: +43 (1) 810 13 00-61 / email: Project partner in Pakistan The project partner PICO (Pakistan Institute for Community Ophthalmology) – a long standing partner organisation of Company – is the single institution in the Eastern Mediterranean (EMRO) region of the WHO which offers this training with a continuous plan of career and education. Moreover, paid governmental positions for Community Ophthalmologists, Refractionists, Ophthalmic Technicians and Ophthalmic Assistants were established in some remote areas. Graduates from PICO have already set up a functioning and effective net of services on mid-level in the fields of refraction and Low Vision (supply with eyeglasses and other vision aids) as well as referral to the district hospitals. Company , Niederhofstrasse 26, 1120 Vienna Tel.: + 43 1 810 13 00, Email: IBAN AT80 6000 0000 9201 1650 BIC OPSKATWW
Country Of origin Austria
Funding Sector Philanthropy
Colloboration Type Strategic partnerships