Germany based Venture

Deals D000322
Description The company has been active for almost 10 years in the segment of energy access / rural areas electrification starting with Ethiopia, one of the most challenging markets for such solutions in the developing world. The company has expanded since 4 and 3 years its activities in Kenya and the Philippines respectively. In 2012, it has streamlined its business model with a clear financially sustainable structure leveraging on the experience collected over the last decade. The business model is characterized by modularity and scale increase flexibility and can create substantial social impact on the triple-bottom-line (social well-being, economical development, environmental protection) in the countries addressed.Products include solar home systems for power supply (SHS), low power consumption LED bulbs, mobile solar lanterns, solar radios, solar fridges, TVs and ventilators, solar water pumps and water disinfection systems.
Country Of origin Germany
Funding Sector Impact Investment
Colloboration Type Lead investor / manager