Netherlands based Venture

Deals D000146
Description The AFRICA BUSINESS GENERATOR is a new initiative from Company which seeks to create new sustainable businesses to catalyse key sectors and provide models for how commercial enterprises can deliver on many of Africa’s development challenges. Although there are increasing amounts of investment targeted at the many opportunities associated with African SME development, there are still significant barriers to the deployment of this capital, with the largest issue being a lack of experienced business development and implementation capacity. In addition, although there is an increasing realisation that commercial sector development needs to be done in a way which is truly sustainable, there is a lack of experience in developing and implementing business models that can maximise sustainability. Company develops and implements such models and in doing so seeks to bring sustainable development into the mainstream of “business as usual”. We build sustainability into the DNA of our businesses.
Country Of origin Netherlands
Funding Sector Impact Investment
Colloboration Type Lead investor / manager