Tajikistan based Venture

Deals D000216
Description The “Tigrovaya balka” nature reserve is exceptional in the planet thanks to its unique ‎communities of Tugay flora and fauna. The natural ecosystems of the reserve were ‎supported by annual spring-summer floods and lakes until the construction of the Nurek ‎Hydropower Station (HPS) on the Vakhsh River. The hydropower plant has unfortunately ‎led to the gradual reduction of water levels in the reserve's lakes and to the full ‎disappearance of the Blue and Kabanae lakes. Of greater concern is that currently ‎agricultural sewage water is being directed to the reserve, and its lakes to compensate the ‎freshwater losses and maintain the water balance. This represents a serious threat to ‎nature in the area, particularly to its unique Tugay vegetation. To guide remediation ‎measures, this project aims at documenting the environmental risks posed by the inflow ‎of contaminated water to the reserve and its lakes, to establish the environmental damage ‎already caused; to identify the main sources of pollution and areas that require immediate ‎action and to establish the use made of the reserve's water.‎
Country Of origin Tajikistan
Funding Sector Impact Investment
Colloboration Type Lead investor / manager