Lesotho based Venture

Deals D000232
Description Purpose: Establish an integrated renewable energy (RE) enterprise in Lesotho to serve urban and rural ‎regions with renewable energy products, design solutions, conservation and efficiency engineering, as ‎well as whole system design, operation and maintenance. Current market conditions enable this ‎enterprise to assemble a three part package consisting of a photo-voltaic system, a solar hot water heater, ‎and a solar oven for M10,000 ($1,500.00 USD). This package will have a significantly positive impact ‎within a household in Lesotho, take strain off the environment, and deliver quality energy services to ‎clients at a reasonable price. ‎ Beneficiaries: Remote villages and mountainous regions that will not be served by grid electricity ‎connections. Lights, hot water and renewable energy for cooking will be of particular benefit to women ‎and children. Education is enhanced by the provision of light and the capacity to operate small appliances ‎and electronic devices. The availability of hot water in a home at an affordable price, enhances virtually ‎all aspects of human welfare. Lesotho’s climate is ideal for solar cooking, and a basic model being ‎produced by BBCDC can perform main cooking tasks for a household. Thermal devices for hot water ‎and cooking will take strain off the environment, improve indoor air quality, and reduce time spent ‎searching for biomass, and also reduce household carbon emissions. ‎ Location: Southern Lesotho, with initial hub centered in the District of Mohales Hoek, with scope for ‎expansion to all districts of Lesotho. ‎ Duration: 2 years. ‎ Specific Outputs:‎ • Construct a new workshop, warehouse and sales office in Mohales Hoek.‎ • Use the new infrastructure to showcase as wide an array of energy efficiency products and ‎practices as possible. ‎ • Procure tools and equipment to facilitate fabrication of solar baking ovens, box cookers, driers, ‎ventilators and customized solar water heating equipment.‎ • Set up tooling and stores for flexible manufacturing of specific RE items in high demand. ‎ • Open a sales and consulting office at the site that will oversee production, purchasing, marketing ‎and customer care.‎ • Procure stocks of RE equipment and establish commercial links with suppliers.‎ • Establish a roster of short term subcontracting teams to be used for installations and general ‎construction. ‎ • Create market presence through multi-media: internet, radio, print, trade functions. ‎ • Institute performance and incentive based compensation systems for all associates of the ‎enterprise including management. ‎
Country Of origin Lesotho
Funding Sector Impact Investment
Colloboration Type Lead investor / manager