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Description In the next decade converging trends in population health, healthcare workforce, payment reforms, technology adoption and innovation have important implications for future health care delivery. These trends include healthcare workforce shortages, the aging of this workforce, the aging of populations in many societies, increasing health issues, and the rising burden of chronic disease worldwide. These challenges collectively will have significant impact on communities around the world. Health reform in many countries are utilizing payment incentives to shift and refocus collaborations between patients and clinicians to support patient engagement and drive behavioral changes with the underlying intent to reduce the incidence and prevalence of chronic disease. Access challenges are inherent when qualified healthcare professionals are not co-located and accessible to populations in need of their services. Quality, risk, and safety threats exist and growing. Patients attempt to fulfill their care needs however possible and seek care seek care across unconnected locations and multiple healthcare providers. Disjointed communications and incomplete patient health information and visibility occur as a result of siloed, unqualified or inadequate data and services. Technology and innovative care models provide the promise of overcoming these challenges and provide enabling mechanisms for increased, efficent delivery of limited health care services and access to healthcare services. Anthurium Solutions Inc. (ASI) is a technology and solutions company based in Boston, MA, USA that focuses on delivering and enabling compelling healthcare and workforce innovations. Anthurium's technology is based on intelligent workflow, care management, and communications between the Clinican(s) and the Patient(s) throughout the global healthcare ecosystem. We refer to this interaction as the "Consultation and Collaboration" between the Clinician(s) and Patient(s) which our technology "Orchestrates", and the "Knowledge Crowdsourcing" of Clinicians and Patients that is managed globally from "anywhere" using a mobile telephone or internet connection for example; and at "anytime" specified by the Clincian and Patient. IMAGINE: 1,000,000 nurses helping 10,000,000 people with diabetes or asthma or hypertension or AIDs or prenatal; from around the world being helped by a nurse who chooses to work for 1 or 2 or 3 hours a day. Anthurium's technology "Unlocks Idle IQ" of a retiring or part-time healthcare professional from anywhere in the world and matches them to geographically dispersed patients or consumers on a global model. Anthurium offers a "Suite" of configurable and customizable subscription-based (i.e. turnkey & pay as you go) healthcare applications for: 1) medication management, 2) chronic disease management, 3) health and wellness and 4) patient-centered care. Anthurium provides web, mobile, and IVR delivery capabilities to clinicians and patients. In addition, online video-conferencing, chat, and messaging enable the personalized, connective experieinces of an in-person consultation virtually. These technology enabled offerings enable in-person or online / virtual care delivery models. Anthurium's unique technology also overcomes and interfaces with disparate systems to blend together a complete hoslistic view of the patients and provide a virtual team orientation between the patient and all of their care members. Anthurium builds new applications that solve specific problems or customize existing ones with clients using a patented enterprise solutions development and delivery software platform called: Health Care Solutions Platform & Engine (HCSP&E). This system is used to rapidly configure and deliver new collaborative healthcare solutions that are easily tailored to meet the unique needs for different clincian and patient communities.
Country Of origin United States
Funding Sector Impact Investment
Colloboration Type Strategic partnerships