Nepal based Venture

Deals D000215
Description In the Himalayas, reduced availability of water resources is the most visible and critical ‎impact of climate change. Following a specific conceptual framework for adaptation to ‎water scarcity at the local level, this project aims at combining innovative water ‎conservation approaches (constructing community ponds, rehabilitating water springs); ‎water management (rain water harvesting, alternative use of grey water) and effective use ‎‎(alternative irrigation technologies) to reduce climate and water scarcity risks on the lives ‎and livelihoods of a poor indigenous Chepang community, who currently rely completly ‎on subsistance agriculture mainly in marginal mountain land. ‎ The project will contribute to enhance the project planning and management capacity of ‎local mountain communities and stakeholders and, in addition, will provide information ‎on the economic impact of climate change on selected crop production in relation to ‎different water conservation and management options.‎
Country Of origin Nepal
Funding Sector Impact Investment
Colloboration Type Lead investor / manager