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Description Human rights protection is currently measured in absolute terms, e.g. how many violations per 10000 inhabitants are recorded in Denmark vs Togo. The HRPI considers the following variables for each country that are known to have a strong impact on a country's ability to protect human rights effectively : • income and land inequality • the level of democracy • level of economic development • domestic conflict • population size • ethnic fractionalisation The result is a measure of how well a country is performing, compared to how well it could be expected to perform. The HRPI allows for a an additional level of comparison beyond the absolute scale, ie how well is country X performing given its socioeconomic position. It helps to target investment: It enables resource allocation to improve human rights to be much more efficiently targeted; towards those countries whose external factors should allow a better performance. The methodology has been developed, the data sets have been prepared and initial results have been produced.
Country Of origin United Kingdom
Funding Sector Impact Investment
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