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Description Despite important and necessary efforts to develop and scale sources of renewable energy, oil and gas are set to remain the major ingredients in energy generation and ubiquitous products in our global economy for many decades; their responsible production, therefore, is a moral and economic imperative. Yet, there is no credible scalable market-based system for reducing negative impacts, improving operators’ practices, recognizing better performance or for engaging the consumer in pushing for higher standards. Equitable Origin is the first and only independent, stakeholder-based sustainable certification and certificate trading system for oil and gas production. It has been designed to empower local and indigenous communities to ensure oil and gas development respects their rights and culture; provide governments, financial institutions and NGOs with a rigorous comprehensive sustainability standard for evaluating oil and gas projects; and, to facilitate a path to a social license to operate for more responsible oil and gas companies. Unique among voluntary certification schemes, the Equitable Origin system scores individual operations' performance so comparisons can be made between sites and incentivize a race to the top. Further, successful certification is converted into tradable certificates that are bought by consumer facing brands wanting to green their supply chain and offer a choice to their consumers to support more responsible oil and gas development. The result will be a new norm for oil and gas production and involvement of consumers and local people in more responsible and equitable natural resource development.
Country Of origin United States
Funding Sector Impact Investment
Colloboration Type Strategic partnerships