Ireland based Venture

Deals D000050
Description Company offers both face-to-face and online support to make mental health care available and to break down the barriers in accessing it. Designed to avoid the referral processes and lack of accessibility that snarl care, Company offers appointments between one and three days after the first contact with us. Our work does not appear “medical” as we host the sessions far from hospitals in a very welcoming and discreet setting. In addition to face-to-face offerings, we designed an online platform, e-Company , as a channel for referrals, a resource for mental health information, and a tool to combat the stigma that keeps many away from mental health care. The e-Company program acts as a gateway to those who may be in experienced or afraid of searching for mental health care. The site is a resource for those who need support but are still not ready for face-to-face care, and it is a valuable channel for self-referral in bringing in clients in person.
Country Of origin Ireland
Funding Sector Impact Investment
Colloboration Type Strategic partnerships